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To Cry For

"To Cry For" is a collection of some of my favorite songs, all of which remind me of someone I care for.  I am very lucky to have so many friends and loved ones to make me laugh, and some special folks who occasionally inspire tears.

These are the songs included on the CD, with the dedications to the folks who I think of when I sing them.

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Silver Wings-For Jeff

Love Me-For My Grandma & Grandpa

Farther Along-For Aunt Fritz

Flowers For Mama-For John

Soldier’s Last Letter-For Joe & Roger

What’s Forever For-For Mike

I Sang Dixie-For My Mom

Go Rest High-For My Dad

Silver Haired Daddy-For Aunt Peggy

Whisper Your Name-For Aunt Terry

Amazing Grace-For Becca

"To Cry For"

Produced by Mike “Chicken Hawk” Toppins and Tory Barnett

Recorded at Chicken Trax Studios, Nashville, Tn

All instruments played by Mike Toppins

Backup vocals Mike Toppins and Julie Raye

Cover art “Two Lillies” created by Chris Schottland

Special Thanks to Dan, Mom, Becca, Ann, Jeff and Todd for coming to the studio and being so supportive and inspirational.

"To Cry For" can be purchased through the Tory Barnett Fan Club.

Send Check or Money Order for $10.00 + $3.00 postage/handling to

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